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Introducing Our BRAND NEW 300mg Extra Strength Cannavis Syrup!


Cannavis is proud to announce that we’ve combined the entry level efficiency of our popular 100mg syrup with the pocket sized convenience of our 200mg syrup to bring our brand new 300mg Extra Strength Cannavis Syrup to California retailers! Using the same formulation as our best selling 600mg and 1000mg Extra Strength Cannavis, our brand new 300mg Syrup is officially available at select California dispensaries beginning July 1st. Perfect for traveling, backyard BBQ’s, or a day at the beach, 300mg Extra Strength Cannavis Syrup has been widely requested by our loyal fanbase and we’re happy to meet that demand by offering all 10 of our best selling flavors to the great cannabis users of California.

Check out our official announcement video below!