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Healthy Stoners REJOICE! Cannavis Is Here!

Article written by Jefferson VanBilliard

For the last eight months most of us have had very few reasons to keep our bodies fit enough for a pool party. In March, a month that seemed to happen years ago, I heard about the lockdown about to take affect and did the same thing most of us did-bought a shit load of candy, cannabis, and snacks and waited for the world to end.


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November is now here and while the United States is busy deciding whether to pick the old white guy or the other old white guy I’m still on a diet that includes almost none of my favorite foods. Basically I feel amazing and my quarantine body is a thing of the past, but something was missing. For the last few months my cocktail consumption has dropped exponentially which is great for my liver and bank account but I also happen to be a bartender by trade which means I’m around liquor a lot. All of this finally lead me to ask my trainer if the occasional sip was really going to send me headfirst into a spiral of Twinkies and cheeseburgers or if it was ok to indulge. After promising that I wasn’t going to go on a binger that would make Steven Tyler cringe I started to look at cocktails that would tick all the boxes when it comes to flavor, alcohol content, and how many sit-ups it would take to inevitably burn off the calories.

The obvious choice for my cocktail cheat day was Mezcal. The wild agave used to distill this smoky spirit happens to be my favorite and one of the things I’ve missed the most during my self inflicted prohibition. Next, I had to work around the sugar content by using something that could satisfy my sweet tooth without adding a giant mass of empty calories. That’s where Cannavis’ new 1000mg Lemon and Lime syrup stepped in to do the heavy lifting. Cannavis provides a one-of-a-kind user experience with their lineup of THC and CBD rich syrups that happen to be gluten-free and contain zero sugar. The addition of cannabis would ensure that a single cocktail would be able to provide the same amount of relief I would usually feel after several non-cannabis infused libations.

Since I had the liquor and sugar sorted the next obvious choice would be what cocktail to make exactly. I’ve always been a fan of the Margarita, it’s balance of citrus, sugar, and liquor is easy to make even for the most novice of cocktail makers and the simplicity of the cocktail is what makes it so perfect. Adding a little bit of cannabis to an already magnificent drink can only help right?

For a little added fun I decided to mix in a coconut derived charcoal powder to my recipe to make my cocktail standout as well as to battle the next day hangover when I ultimately drank four.

2oz Mezcal

1oz Fresh Lime

1/2oz Cannavis Lemon And Lime Syrup

1/2oz Triple Sec

1tsp Charcoal Powder

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake for ten seconds, dump into a tajin rimmed glass and serve.


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Before the last sip was finished I could feel the effects from my cannabis concoction begin to form in my feet. My eyes began to feel as heavy as the bottle of cannabis laced syrup that put me in my current state and as the familiar theme song to my favorite show began playing I was ready to show off my hot new body at dinner; or at least sit at home for another six months. Happy Smoking!