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Why worry about about whether or not you smell like weed at work when you can enjoy Cannavis Syrup on-the-go, discreetly and without blowing up the office? Traveling with family and can't light up that joint until you ditch your Aunt Kathy? Pour up some Cannavis and make sitting through your Uncle Jim's poorly timed jokes more tolerable! Cannavis Syrup makes for a fast and easy way to medicate every day, no matter where you are! So get prepared and check out our Find Us Now section to find the nearest dispensary that carries Cannavis! Click here to learn more!

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Check out our fun and creative recipes for easy ways to enjoy Cannavis Syrup at home! Read more

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Looking for delicious Cannavis craft cocktail recipes for your next get together? Read more

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Learn more about our official Cannavis skate team and watch them shred! Read more

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Marijuana and music. Nothing makes more sense.

The first time I truly understood Pink Floyd's timeless masterpiece Dark Side Of The Moon, I was 14 years old lying on the floor of my friends apartment, staring at the ceiling, high out of my mind. I can't recall exactly what kind of weed I smoked, or how much I consumed, but reminiscing on my adolescence in the late 90's and early 2000's, it was likely mid-grade garbage out of a plastic bong. The why or how I got there was inconsequential, I was there. I had heard the album before, but never like this. The music consumed me in ways I never knew were possible until that moment.

Life was never the same.

20 years later, my relationship with both music and marijuana has matured, and evolved (I no longer smoke mids out of a plastic bong, thank God). Although far removed from the hotboxed tool-sheds of my youth, those early days of realizing how marijuana and music belong together still influence my life today. I am professionally employed in the legal cannabis industry, and have been actively writing, releasing, and performing music since age 16. And despite my oft love-hate relationship with both career paths (I quit smoking weed for two years recently, and being a musician is damn-near impossible), I wouldn't change a thing. I owe it all to music and marijuana. Read more.

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Cannavis was recently featured in OC Weekly's Monday Munchies by our good friend and Cannavis craft cocktail connoisseur Jefferson Vanbilliard. On a handful of special occasions, Jefferson has joined the Cannavis team for a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience both crafting, and sharing recipes for his favorite craft cocktails using our infused syrups. If you are one of the lucky few to enjoy his crafty concoctions, consider yourself very fortunate. Read more

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Cannavis team rider Jon Dickson is known as much for his insane hammers and explosive power as he is for his buttery smooth style. A longtime pro for heavy hitter brands like Deathwish and Emerica, Jon is a staple in the Long Beach skateboarding community, a locally driven movement centered around the famed Cherry Skatepark. Since Cannavis Syrup is made in Long Beach, and skateboarding and cannabis have a long and storied relationship, we knew we had have Jon on the team! Read more