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Announcing The BRAND NEW 500mg Cannavis Syrup 2-Pack (1,000mg Total)!

Our BRAND NEW 500mg Extra Strength Cannavis Syrup is now available in compliant 2-packs (1,000mg Total)!

The State of California decided (against the feedback of the regulated cannabis industry) to limit all tinctures to 2 fluid ounces. Although we disagree with this regulation change and think the uninformed bureaucrats in Sacramento who made this decision are pretty lame, Cannavis Syrup will not be stopped that easily. So guess what? We’re back and better than ever baby! You want our syrup in 2oz bottles? No problem…

Our brand new innovative 2-packs are designed to give customers the 1,000mg Cannavis Syrups they demand, while both maintaining the integrity of our formula and remaining compliant. Each beautifully branded Cannavis 2-pack contains 2 individual 2oz 500mg Cannavis Syrup bottles. It’s kind of a big deal. Once again, Cannavis is changing the regulated cannabis market through innovation and ingenuity.

As the creators of THC syrup, our top priority is maintaining the quality and integrity of our product, while still emphasizing consumer safety and product compliance. Our brand new formula not only accomplishes these goals, but also improves the taste and experience of our award winning syrup in a way that reminds consumers why Cannavis is, and continues to be the top selling THC infused syrup in the world!