"America's Favorite Syrup"

Cannavis™ is an American cannabis company based in Los Angeles California specializing in award winning infused THC & CBD products.  Cannavis™ products include a variety of infused syrup tinctures, CBD & THC vape cartridges, and disposable vape pens. Cannavis™ is an industry leader in quality and consistency.

Created by extraction experts in 2013, Cannavis™ provides handcrafted syrups in a wide variety of flavors. Made from all natural ingredients, Cannavis™ syrup is extremely versatile and can be easily added to beverages, food recipes, or simply enjoyed as is. Sugar free, gluten free, non-gmo, lab tested, Cannavis™ produces both THC and CBD syrups. Cannavis™ syrup is great for active individuals who require quick and convenient relief.

Cannavis™ also offers a high quality line of vape cartridges and disposable pens. Cannavis™ vape cartridges are filled with distillate blended with terpenes to create a superior vaping experience. Designed to match the award winning standards of Cannavis™ syrup, the new engraved gold metal and glass Cannavis™ cartridges are a great addition to any fan of Cannavis™ syrup seeking a quality product.

Cannavis is a 5 star reviewed brand on WeedMaps! Check it out here!


See what our satisfied customers have to say!

Mister V. (5 Stars)

As a veteran with PTSD, I decided to try Cannavis as I've tried many other CBD medicines which many were a waste of money and didn't relief me of my short chest breathing, weight felt on my chest, and panic attacks. Within 15 minutes I was able to breathe normally again, not be frustrated with the dose being enough, and overall it became a solution for an irritating day, like today that I struggle just to function. Now an hour later, I feel like I can continue my day and am not sad and feel like I'm being suffocated an fall asleep. Keep this formula forever, you really helped my life and I will continue now to be a customer now that I've found the perfect remedy. This means a lot. Thank you so much.

elyksez (5 Stars)

Friendly customer service and the effects are quick and nice. Flavor was great and transition into the "high" was smooth. I like the versatility of the product and will be purchasing more in the future.

megan6040 (5 Stars)

This is perfect for my diet and so yummy! I love that I this to my Coke Zero or Sprite Zero and get my buzz on without effecting my diet. Definitely something to pick up next time your'e shopping for edibles!

ohhkenzie (5 Stars)

There are a lot of cannabis and CBD syrups on the market but Cannavis is the way to go. Super potent and I can honestly just drink it straight out of the bottle... Although it does work best with your favorite drink. Trust me they are the best!

DestroyGalaxiesx (5 Stars)

Wow! This is amazing! The taste is so pristine and tasty. So many flavors to choose from. Nick was amazing and very informative. I am definitely coming back and trying Cannavis again!