Throughout every store where Cannavis Syrup™ can be found, our Grape flavor is hands down our most popular seller. A classic flavor that blends perfectly with your favorite beverage, our Grape Cannavis Syrup™ is a must have.


In the history of marijuana, blueberry is arguably the most famous cannabis flavor profile. Our newest Cannavis Syrup™ flavor is quickly gaining in popularity, and it's no wonder why. Get it at your favorite dispensary today!


A refreshing alternative to our other choices, Blackberry is a delicious option for customers who prefer a bold and unique flavor experience. Our Blackberry Cannavis Syrup™ is a clear standout for any dispensary with a wide variety of edibles.


Who doesn’t like Cherry? Our second top seller is a genuine American favorite that mixes well with any soft drink, even your favorite cocktail. Perfect for both medical patients and recreational customers, our Cherry Cannavis Syrup™ is a guaranteed seller.


Looking for a quick escape to a tropical environment? Look no further. Our new Pineapple flavor of Cannavis Syrup™ is sure to quickly take the stress away and lead you straight into a tropical breeze of enjoyment. Enjoy!


Give your morning cup of joe an extra kick with our brand new Irish Cream flavored Cannavis Syrup™! Wake up, bake up, gotta get your cake up! Now that early morning commute can be just as enjoyable as that post-work smoke sesh!


An incredible flavor for any occasion, our Peach Cannavis Syrup™ is a pleasant choice for those who enjoy taking it slow. Nothing like a fresh organic Peach on a hot day.  Mix it with your favorite soda or cocktail and enjoy!


Everybody loves Mango. Cannavis Syrup™ is happy to present one of our personal favorite flavors complete with a sweet satisfactory experience unlike any other. Find it today before it flies off the shelf like it has been!

Looking for pain relief without the inconvenience of being high? Are you suffering from a debilitating illness that requires the benefits of cannabis, but unsure about the effects of THC? Our new Cannavis Syrup™ CBD oil is COMING SOON.